Happy 2 Years!

This month marks the two year anniversary of Joel’s battle with two auto immune diseases. It’s altered our identity, plans, goals, family and so much more but we continue to press on with God’s grace and strength. Joel is truly a warrior and I am so proud of him for not giving up.

Regarding Joel’s auto immune hepatitis, we seem to have it control with medicine. Every once in awhile, Joel’s liver enzymes go crazy, but we are always monitoring them. I truly believe one of Joel’s medications is helping keep his fevers away and him out of the hospital. I’m incredibly thankful for this and pray the medicine continues to work.

On the lupus side of things, it hasn’t been as clear. If you’ve ever had that 24-hour flu bug that makes you feel like death, that’s what Joel feels like every day plus massive amounts of pain. So far we haven’t found the right medication to combat this. It seems like Joel’s a guinea pig in that they keep trying different medications to find one that works well. The last one he tried knocked him off his feet and feeling horrible for over a week. They wanted him to try it again just to make sure he didn’t have a virus so he’s taking it again this week and surprise, he’s sick again! As you can imagine, the whole process is quite frustrating.

One of my friends recently emailed me and said, “I’m praying for your husband Job … I mean Joel.” Ha ha! Some days it sure feels like that. But we do our best to focus on the good days, which I would say happens about 1 out of every 10 days for him. We know 2 years is a long time to pray for someone, but we would still appreciate your prayers. Many of you have said on Facebook that Joel is on your daily prayer list and we can’t tell you how much that encourages us. Thank you! Other than Joel’s heath of course, we are praying hard that his disability is approved very soon as right now our medical bills are averaging about $1,000 a month.

We love you all! Thank you for all the love and support!


 Joel and Kayla