37 Pounds

First, I just want to say how super proud I am of Joel. Since his visit to the Immersion program with Whole Foods in October, he has lost 37 pounds and most of that has been through his diet change since he often isn’t well enough to exercise. If anyone knows anything about prednisone, you know this medicine makes you gain weight and fast. After being on it for a year, Joel gained about 60 pounds. And when you go off it, the weight doesn’t just drop off easily. Great job, Joel! If anyone is interested in looking at the program, the book is called “The Starch Solution” by Dr. John McDougall.

Joel was having some pain in his kidney areas, so we went to Urgent Care this morning and they cleared his kidneys but his urine showed concerns with his liver and x-rays showed twisting of the spine. They gave him some more meds for now and he’ll see the specialist on Monday for blood work on his liver. Since the liver has always been the issue, we’re not surprised about that but this was the first time we heard about the spine twisting. He’s been going to physical therapy for sciatica, so we can bring the scans to them to have them work on it.

The other issue right now is that he is going off one medication and starting a new one and that has been painful for him this past week. We are praying the new medicine will work better and faster than the last one. It’s hard for me to understand the constant pain and feelings Joel is in, but I liken it to having the flu and lots of pain at the same time. And anyone who has the flu for even just 24 hours, knows it feels horrible. Joel could go on prednisone to help the swelling of pain and joints, but he wouldn’t live long on it because of his immune system and the terrible side effects of the drug. So I’m thankful he has chosen quantity of life over quality because I know it’s a daily struggle for him.

Other than his pain and sickness, we ask that you pray his social security disability will be approved soon. We ended up having to hire a company to help us with it because it’s been 16 months with no response yet. They thought it might be another year or so before we were approved, but we’re praying for it to happen much faster than that.

We sincerely appreciate your prayers! We are thankful to be in Colorado and have already experienced much better healthcare for Joel. We have learned that when you follow God’s calling to go somewhere, he provides all you need to make the transition.