Happy St. Patrick’s Day!

Hello everyone! We have some great news and not-so-great news.

The great news is that we are still loving Colorado! I love my job at the church and we all enjoy being a part of the RMCC family. Everyone has been so warm and welcoming. Malachi has probably had the hardest time adjusting since he’s only 6, but this past couple of weeks we have seen an improvement with the meeting of a new friend from school and church and joining a soccer team. The other part of the great news is that we have found the healthcare here to be A++. Doctors call us back, spend time with us, the labs/xrays are in the same building, etc. etc. We are incredibly thankful for this. It is easier facing the illness challenge when these roadblocks are removed.

The not good news is that Joel is still in massive amounts of pain, despite being on three pain medications. He saw the rheumatologist here in Colorado for the first time this past week and liked him a lot. The doctor agrees that Joel’s primary condition is autoimmune hepatitis. However, not all of Joel’s symptoms are related to that, so he feels like there is a second major illness. He is running some tests to determine what that might be. He did mention again lupus, sarcoidosis, and some other thing we can’t pronounce. By now it seems like they would have run every test possible on Joel, but we’re thankful that this doctor is willing to keep looking for other answers. Joel is going to start physical therapy and chronic pain management.  We’ll keep you posted if we hear of anything from the tests.

The immunosuppressant Joel is on is helping his liver, thank you God! Please continue to pray for relief from the pain. We love you!