Super Duper Awesome News

So many of you have been praying, supporting, and journeying with us in the last couple of years through Joel’s health struggle, that I wanted to share this good news with you.

We have officially arrived in Colorado. We’re enjoying settling in and I have to admit, eveny the cold and snow is a nice change. We’ll see how long that lasts for me as I still love the desert heat! The move was extremely hard on Joel and now he’s paying for it so we’re trying to keep him resting as much as possible.

This week we met with the insurance representative from the church who explained our benefits. We will pay a bit more for healthcare each month, but we are excited to report that the new plan will allow for so much more for Joel. He’ll get to handpick his doctors, won’t need referrals or prior authorizations, and if he has to go back to Mayo, it will be covered as in network! I teared up when the insurance rep said that. So much of our battle has been with fighting for good healthcare.

When God called us to Colorado and my new job, we couldn’t say we knew 100% why, just that He wanted us here. This meeting was just one of the confirmations for us that we’ve had the past couple of months as to why He called us here. All glory and honor to Him.


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  1. Praise God!! So happy Mayo is covered!!! (Our co-pay was $20 when we were there in July)

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