It’s been just over a week since the Wimp or Warrior ride for Joel, but the amazing experience still overwhelms me. I know Joel wrote a post about our gratefulness but I thought I’d keep sharing.

Over the last couple of months, I had been helping Karen and Mike organize the ride. I sure had no idea what I signed up for when Karen initially asked about doing a benefit ride. A huge thanks to them for everything they did – those two are incredible! As I helped, I tried to distance myself from the event for it being something for us. Otherwise, I would have been an emotional mess. But on that Saturday morning on the way to the park, I felt the tears starting to come. I told myself to pull it together – I wasn’t going to cry that day.

Once I got to the park, I started right in on helping do this and that. It was very well organized so there really wasn’t much to do. About an hour went by and a man I didn’t know came up to me and said, “Are you Joel’s wife?”

I said yes and he said I just wanted you to know that I was an inspiration and that his thoughts and prayers were with Joel and me. He said he could tell God was with us every day. Tears began to stream down his eyes. I was taken aback by this man’s emotions. He must know Joel as I knew there were many cyclists there that I didn’t know, but Joel did.

I asked, “Do you know Joel?”

He said, “No. I just read about your situation.”

Someone I didn’t know cared so much to come and ride for Joel and he shared our pain and suffering with the tears in his eyes? That did it. Tears started to stream down my face as I gave him a big hug and said thank you. It took me awhile to recover from that one.

Later, I learned this man named Raf, is a member of our church, Central Christian Church. I was also able to introduce him to Joel. Scandals, injustice, and abuse in the Christian church often make the headlines, but what this one man did is what it is truly about. That is the church being the church. Thank you, Lord, for Raf.




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