Surgery Tomorrow

We finally made it to surgery day! Feels like it’s taken forever. Two people have probably never been more excited for surgery than us. We are praying it helps and provides some answers. Here is the latest info:

1. Surgery is tomorrow at noon and it is supposed to take about three hours. It’s not a risky surgery by any means, but we do know it will take longer for Joel to recover and the risk of infection is high based on his past medical history. They are pumping him full of steroids (he just loves these) and anti-biotics to avoid infection. But we do ask that you pray for the infection to go away and stay there. He’s been on anti-biotics for about three weeks and the infection is still there right now.

2. They will be running biopsies of everything and we are praying for an answer, good or bad. Without an answer, we have no treatment plan and that is what we really need. We’re okay even with bad news, because we know our God is bigger than any doctor or disease. Joel’s rheumatologist thought no matter how the biopsies go, we would try chemo next.

3.  Joel’s mom arrived yesterday and is here until next Tuesday. We’re super thankful for her help! My stress level went down several notches once she arrived. And the boys are so excited to play with her. The adults couldn’t even hardly talk over the boys saying, “Grandma, look at this… Grandma, can we play… Grandma, let’s read…. Grandma, I want to tell you…”

4. Joel’s benefit ride is this Saturday, November 17 and we have 55 riders registered! How cool is that! He will make an appearance on Saturday, but he won’t ride (although he already asked if he could of course). We are so thankful for Karen Englert and Mike Hair who are organizing the event.

5. Joel is encouraged about his new lifestyle plan. He’s lost 18 pounds in three weeks. The steroids made him gain about 50 so he’s happy to be off those! For those of you who have asked about the program, you can check it out at Very good stuff there!

6. Our long term disability insurance was denied. After doing some research and consulting with a lawyer, I believe you all should know that long term disability insurance is a SCAM and you should not buy into it! Short term is okay, but not long term. I could go on and on here about why not to buy it, but I don’t have the time. I’ll write a blog soon on why nobody should ever buy it. But for now, trust me. If you’re coming up on your end of year information/decision making at work, then I urge you to look into it in depth yourself. I can tell you, we will never pay for it again. Along with this topic, we do have an appointment with social security on November 20. We had to create a list of doctors we’ve seen since Joel got sick and it is 25 doctors in 17 months. Crazy, huh? Joel wasn’t too keen on applying, thinking he should go back to work after surgery, but I don’t think that’s a good idea if he’s going to start chemo.

Anyway, I think that’s about it. I’ll keep you all posted on how tomorrow goes. Thank you for all your prayers and support!







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