We are halfway through the week of Joel at the clinic in California and me playing Mrs. Dad. I have only survived with the help of friends and family – special thanks to my cousin Cory coming all the way from Minnesota to help. The boys LOVE playing (and especially wrestling) with him. It is so much less stress on me to have extra hands to help. Not to mention he’s doing some fix-it things around the house and landscaping.

Joel is doing well at the program in California. It’s kind of hard to explain, but it’s basically a wellness program that Whole Foods sponsors for their employees, really sick ones like Joel, but also ones that just need to adjust their lifestyle to be healthier. They meet with doctors, run tests, go to lectures, change their eating habits, and exercise. In fact, they have three exercise breaks a day and their day begins at 6:00 am and ends at 9:00 pm. Thankfully, they’ve let Joel only do what he can as there is no way he can exercise that many times a day and some days, not at all. Although they are running tests, we don’t expect any new results to show up because they aren’t as advanced as what Joel would need. However, he has met with the doctor a couple of times and he believes Joel’s case is definitely an auto-immune related one and we just haven’t found the right type of one or medicine to treat it. He did give Joel some ideas on what to do about the fevers as well. The first couple of days while he was there, Joel sounded great and energized, but I can tell now that he is tired and the fevers are going up and down again. Right now, all roads are pointing to the sinus surgery Joel has on November 14. As I’ve mentioned before, they’re going to do some biopsies from that and hopefully that will give us some answers on how to treat or where to go from there.

Unfortunately we were denied long-term disability with the company who we have a policy with and based on my research of them, it’s pretty normal for them to do. So this morning I’m meeting with a lawyer to discuss our options. I find it completely ridiculous that they think Joel can work. The other day I was driving and I asked Joel to put my vitamins in my pill box, you know the Monday thru Sunday ones, and he tried but couldn’t. His hands are so swollen that he can’t bend his fingers enough to do that. Yet they think he can go to work and butcher meat! Or the week before he left for California, he was so sick, he couldn’t get out of bed or the house for days. They are seriously insane. Anyway, we would appreciate your prayers for this area as well. But for the most part, we just pray for Joel’s health to be restored and an answer of a diagnosis so they can find the right treatment. The “this is our best guess” game plan isn’t really working out too well.


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  1. Thanks for the update. So thankful your cousin is there to help. Praying for you and Joel. Lean on God your ever-present help in times of trouble. In our weakness, he is strong.

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