Monday update

We saw the specialist last Tuesday and unfortunately there’s no real new news to report. Joel is officially off all medications and the doctor says it will be just a few more days until it is out of system. The “pure evil” process the Mayo doctor mentioned has really kicked in as Joel has been more miserable by the day. He hasn’t been able to get up or out for days. We could call the doctor, but they want to see what will happen off the medicine and he said that the worse he is going into surgery on November 14, the better (for them and the tests). Also, his fevers are staying low grade right now and they want to see if while off the medication, they go higher again. That will give us some more answers.

The doctor also mentioned the possibility of an autoimmune disease that is related to the sinuses, so they are going to do some biopsies then. But we are trying not to think about it since it is just a possibility right now. Regardless, he thinks the next step after surgery is chemo. But again, the surgery will tell us for sure.

Joel leaves for California this Saturday to go to a nutrition clinic for eight days that Whole Foods sponsors for their employees. The doctors and nurses there look at a patient’s overall health and help them stop unnecessary medications, avoid surgery and regain their health. We’re hoping this will help. While he’s gone (October 20-28), my cousin Cory is coming to help me with the boys. We’re very excited to see him and the boys can’t wait to wrestle and play with him.

November should be quite busy for us (just the way I like it). Joel’s birthday is the 1st, Malachi’s is the 10th, Joel’s surgery is the 14th and his Mom is coming to help us that week (thank goodness!). Then there’s Joel’s benefit ride on the 17th and we have the Wiley’s coming to visit on the 19th.  I am super thankful for family here. It gives me peace of mind to know I have some extra helping hands around.

Other than Joel’s health of course, one prayer request we have is for our long-term disability insurance. The company said they would make a decision by October 18. They asked for a 30-day extension, but since they’ve already had 3 ½ months, I said no, but then gave them two weeks. Prayers for October 18th please!

Thanks so much for all your love and support. We feel it!


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