Joel’s been having an extremely difficult time coming off his medications. His fevers have returned and so have his pain and inflammation. His hands and feet are so swollen, he can’t bend his fingers or toes. We see the rheumatologist on Tuesday and are interested to see what the new action plan is.

He is going to California October 20-28 to attend a clinic Whole Foods, his employer, sponsors. Thankfully my cousin, Cory Rolf, is coming to help me with the kids. I imagine they will wear Cory out, but he’s great with kids so we’re anxious to see him and have him here. Then, Joel’s scheduled to have surgery November 14. His mom, Connie, is coming out to help with that. We’re very thankful for all our supportive friends and family!

A good friend of mine, Karen Englert, is organizing a benefit ride for Joel. We’re looking at it being November 17. So if you’re local, put it on your calendar and come ride with us. Karen will be sending out more details soon.

I continue to fight our long term disability claim. I have to be honest and say I have never been more angered at any organization than this one. They continue to extend their evaluation of the claim, do not listen to the doctors who tell them Joel needs to be off work, and are even monitoring the web for information on Joel. Shoot, they are probably reading this for all I know. (Hey guess what? We just bought a Lexus!) Ha ha! Just kidding! Actually, I’ve learned I have to repeatedly give the whole thing over to God to handle because I certainly can’t. I did get them to say they’d make a decision by October 18, three months after short term disability ended. If you could say a prayer for that (and me), we’d greatly appreciate it.

I believe there was a movie not that long ago where Denzel Washington went into a hospital with a gun, making doctors do a surgery on his son because his insurance wouldn’t cover it. Not that I would ever do that, but I can certainly understand his point of view. I’d do anything to make Joel healthier. To not watch him suffer. And the same for our boys. It reminds me of the sacrifice God made on the cross. How excruciating it must have been for Him to watch Jesus be tortured to death. Thank you Father for your sacrifice.




  1. Post the name of the insurance company already!!! What a mess.
    Prayers still coming for all of you.

  2. Haven’t stopped praying….

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