We Wait

When I start getting a lot of questions about how Joel is, I know it’s time to write a blog post. So here’s the latest.

Joel is currently tapering off his medications per doctors’ orders. They recommended this so they can see what the real symptoms of his disease are as apposed to the ones the medications are causing. The Mayo doctor had him coming off much slower and less harsh than our local doctor. To know faster, Joel opted to go with our local doctor’s recommendation. Regardless though, the Mayo doctor said it would be “pure evil” to come off of the meds. So needless to say, Joel feels horrible. His temperature is elevated and he has tremors, fatigue, fevers and joint pain and inflammation. You can just look at him and tell he’s sick. Unfortunately there’s nothing I can do to help so it makes it hard. Time will tell what the diagnosis is, but for now, we wait and he suffers.

He has an appointment Monday to meet with the ENT surgeon and we’re hoping he can do the sinus surgery right away. There’s a chance he might not allow it because of the high risk medication and possible infection but both Mayo and our local rheumatologist said it needs to be done right away so hopefully he’ll listen. Then, October 20-28, Joel will be at a California clinic monitored by doctors through his employer Whole Foods. They pay for travel and the whole program so that is awesome.

Our good friend, Karen Englert, here in Las Vegas took it upon herself to organize a benefit ride for Joel in November. This will help us with his medical bills. It’s set for November 3 so mark your calendars and watch for more details coming soon. If you know of any businesses would like to donate raffle prizes or anything to giveaway in the swag bag, please let me know and I’ll forward her the information.

We continue to wait to hear about long-term disability. They sure like to take their time. So right now are two specific prayer requests are for that and for Joel to get through this tapering of medications. I feel like I am constantly asking for prayers from you all, but I can honestly tell you, they work! Thank you!


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  1. Praying for you here in SD!

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