Direct From Mayo

As I’m writing this, I’m sitting in a waiting room hoping to get into a stand-by appointment with a rheumatologist. We’re on track to be done with all of my initial testing and consultations by Friday afternoon, with the exception of the rheumatology consultation. Please pray today that I have a chance to get in today, otherwise we have to return next week.

So far I have been subjected to 30 X-rays, three nerve conduction tests, an EKG, a 15-tube blood draw (my previous record for tubes in one draw was 10), and hours of interviews by doctors. Today involves a consultation with neurology to try to get to the bottom of the spasms I’ve been having in my left arm. The doctor who performed the tests yesterday said that the nerves themselves seem to be undamaged (“that’s the good news”) but at doesn’t explain why the spasms have been happening (“the bad news”). Tomorrow involves a number of CT and MRI scans and consultation with a doctor about my frequent sinus infections.

The short version of this story is that we don’t know yet what has plagued me for the last 13 months. We do know that the internist said, “This will be a challenging case.” That told me that this would not be one of those ten minute miracle cures, but some miracles take longer than ten minutes. I am still confident that answers will come from my visit here, but it may take another visit and more testing to reveal all of those answers. Please continue to pray that God would put me in the hands of the right doctors and give the answers that I have been seeking.



  1. Jacksons are praying!
    De, Justin, Zack & Abby

  2. Joel keep up the positive thinking I know things are going to get better good things happen to good people and you and your family are great people thanks for the updates on face book I enjoy watcing your progress take

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