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We are still adjusting to this new site so please be patient with us. We’re pretty sure there is a way you can sign up for email updates, but not clear now. If anyone figures it out, please post instructions. Thanks! We felt Caring Bridge wasn’t running things with integrity so we moved over to this free site.

Joel had his brain MRI this morning. We probably won’t hear results until a week or so, but as soon as we do, we’ll let you know. Unfortunately, his tremors have become much worse and are daily now. They tend to be on his left side only and they are painful. The medicine he has for them isn’t stopping them. So please pray they stop and that the MRI will show some answers for it all.

Other than that, we continue to prep for Mayo. I imagine by the time we’re done with all the requested information, we’ll have about 100 films and 500 pages of medical documents. It’s a pain to pull together, but we’re glad they are being thorough. The date is August 27 and Joel’s dad is going to fly in the day before and drive down and stay with him because Malachi starts Kindergarten on that same day! Mayo requested we leave their accommodations open-ended as we don’t know how long they will be there. Again, we’re glad they’ll take their time looking for all possibilities.

Joel’s brother Troy started a Facebook event for us and you can see it at

Thank you Troy for that. It means a lot! Also, thank you everyone for participating. Your generosity is humbling and overwhelming. We have to admit, it is tough being the one in need. But we are thankful for God providing our needs and grateful to be surrounded by so much love and support.

We’d love to share some cute little guys who have participated in the Facebook event. Thank you for sharing these pictures Lydia and Andrew.


Joel’s cousin Micah holding a Jackson! So adorable!

A Jackson from Joel’s nephew Aden. Thank you Aden! What does the kiwi Jackson look like?



  1. Praying for you Joel!! May you gain strength from the prayers surrounding you. Much love to you and Kayla! xoxo

  2. PS Kayla, at the bottom right corner of the blog there is a tab marked “follow” People just need to click and leave their email address. In turn, they should receive all of your update posts! 🙂 xoxo

    • Thanks April! I must not be able to see it since it’s my page. Love you! -Kayla

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